Morgan Lane Neighborhood Association

Community Mailing Lists

For new residents, here are some mailing lists that you may wish to join. Note that these community lists are for general announcements and communications. Specific HOA requests and issues should always be directed to Dawn at Boardwalk.
  • mlcg @

    Mailing list specific to Morgan Lane residents. This list is maintained by resident volunteers. It is independent of the Morgan Lane HOA, although HOA announcements are made there too.

    Requires a Google Account, but can be used with any Email address.

    Go here to request to join.


    Private neighborhood social network for the Linfield Oaks neighborhood.

    Used also by the City of Menlo Park and Menlo Park Police Department for traffic and other local notifications.

    Go to to join.

  • linfieldoaks @

    Older but still active mailing list for the Linfield Oaks neighborhood.

    Go here to join.